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Western astrology associates people's characteristics with the sign of the zodiac they were born under. Learn about people born under Pisces.

Pisces, The Fishes

Pisces, The Fishes, is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, which runs from February 20th to March 20th every year.

Western astrology is based on the Sign of the Zodiac which a person's date of birth falls under. The term "zodiac" is used by astonomers to mean the ring of constellations on the Sun's apparent path of the Sun across the sky during the year.

The "Signs of the Zodiac" are the names given by Western astrology to 12 roughly equal sized periods of the year. The name of each sign of the zodiac is taken from an animal or object shaped patterns of stars that is visible is in the section of the zodiac that the sun is in during that period of the year.

Pisces are a little bit of everything. They are independent and mystical. They are sensitive and loving. They can easily adapt and change according the situation. Sometimes they are so colorful that they contradict their own rules and principles.

Pisces can handle many different tasks at once and be successful in all of them. They can tolerate other people's behaviors. This makes very strong friends out of them. They also learn easy and can change professions without concern. Although trying to be independent, they like to have somebody above them to mange all the tasks they perform.

Pisces are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. They are religious and pay strong attention to family and relationship values. Pisces are good for any profession as long as they are not the major players.

Pisces attractions: aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio

Pisces colors: aquamarine, purple

Pisces stones: jade, opal, amethyst

Pisces plants: seaweed, mosses

Pisces celebrities: Liza Minnelli, Nina Simone, Sandro Botticelli

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